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You will find this file in the directory: public_html/index.htm

The Welcome email you received contains everything you need to access and setup your new site. Please study it carefully and be sure to keep it in a safe place as it contains your username, password and the links needed to access your Control Panel as well as Webmail (if installed on your package).

The following links are here to assist you:

Description Skill Level Required NOTES Link
Personal Control Panel ALL

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From your Personal Control Panel, you can change your contact information, Change your Web Hosting, edit your settings, get links to help, login to your Control Panel, Email, Contact Support and much more.

Personal Control Panel
Softaculous ALL
Login to your control panel, find the link to Softaculous (near the bottom) and choose from well over 250 scripts you can install on your site. Scripts range from powerful CMS applications like WordPress and Joomla to industry standard Shopping carts like OSCommerce and ZEN cart. There are photo galleries, video galleries and even games you can install on your site!


a. Installing any script with Softaculous only takes seconds. Be sure to use Softaculous to remove the script if you do not intend using it

b. Remember, scripts need to be kept up to date. Enter your email address into Softaculous settings and keep it up to date so that the software can send you a reminder when updates are available.
Website Control panel
Site Builder NEWBIE If you are new to Web Hosting, this is where you should begin:
  1. Login to your Website Control panel (see your welcome email)
  2. Scroll down. Near the bottom, find the link to RVSitebuilder

IMPORTANT - This is not as sophisticated or as powerful as the scripts in Softaculous.

For help and tutorials on how to use Site Builder, please Click here.

Website Control panel
Contact us ALL See your welcome email for details -
File Manager NEWBIE Use File Manager to upload files and images to your site as well as the WYSIWYG editor to create and edit your pages. Most developers probably won't use this but it is a helpful tool if you are new and this is your first site. File Manager
FAQ ALL Our Frequently asked questions covers dozens of questions we get asked all the time. Please check here first before submitting a support request FAQ
ONLINE MOVIES ALL Highly recommended! We have several Flash animated movies for you to watch online that cover almost every aspect of your Control Panel and a lot more. Movies
FTP INTERMEDIATE Better than file manager is FTP (file Transfer protocol). This is a program that runs on your PC to enable you to upload and download files to your site. FTP
FrontPage is a program you use on your PC (comes from Microsoft) to create, upload, modify and edit your Website. We have seven online Flash animated movies you can watch to get you going if you are new to using FrontPage (Movies are near the bottom of the page) Movies
Additional Information and links
Domain names ALL If you need additional domain names or need to know more about Pared vs. Add-On domains vs. Sub-domains this page is for you Info
Domain names ALL Purchase additional domain names here Domains
META TAGS INTERMEDIATE Before you can promote a website, you need to make sure the HTML tags have been optimized. Find out how this is done Tags
Promoting ALL You need to promote your website or no one will know about you. Find out how to do it correctly. Promote
Security ALL/
Any website running cgi or php scripts is venerable to attack form the outside. Find out how to prevent your site being compromised Security

If you change your email address, please notify us. If we can't contact you when your package comes up for renewal we can't let you know!!

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